Pray for our city!

Rock Church joined other churches to pray for our community. May God help us to “humble ourselves, pray, seek Gods face, turn from our wicked ways” so that God can “hear from heaven, forgive our sins, and heal our land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

Vision for 2018

It’s A Lifestyle and Not An Event To be a Body of Believers who display the Love of Christ and who love our neighbors; who Make Disciples as we are being Discipled; who are committed to sharing the gospel of Christ with people from all walks of life, through Outreach and Evangelism. 1. How does it become a lifestyle? It’s …

100 churches 100 blocks

Rock Church members joined other local Austin churches in praying and sharing for our community. Rock Church was assigned by the local police station to help cover the corner of Madison and Central for Wednesday evenings in June and July.

Austin Dream Event

On June 4th the Austin Dream Event was held in the unfinished New Rock Auditorium. The purpose of the event was to start building connections to raise the $3 million dollars needed to pay the bank and finish the New Rock Auditorium. Please get involved in our Capital Campaign!!

Kenya 2016 Team Photos

Photos from the Kenya Team! Pastor Ed Johnson, Doug Hansen, Sherby Miller, Trina McIlrath and Mikaela McIlrath are in Kenya Sandra Jackson was unable to make the trip. Just Arrived! Visiting Wachira and Glenda Ngamau at Pace in Kenya Lots of Babies! In Chapel on Sunday