Care About Groups

Care About Groups (formerly known as Small Groups) have been a part of Rock Church’s landscape for quite a while.  Right now we have a few small groups that get together for fellowship, study, accountability, prayer, support and encouragement, and, in general “walking together through life”.

Small group Ministry lends itself to the kind of fellowship, intimacy, and in-depth involvement in each other’s lives that would not be so easily or readily attained in other church-based meeting formats.  Times together include study, catching up with each other’s lives, prayer, singing, taking in various media (music or DVDs) together, and going on some outings here and there.  Of course, individual relationships formed in small groups foster relationships that are carried on outside formal group times.

Why Are They Called “Care About” Groups?

We care about:
God’s Word
Church Family
Body of Christ

Contact Steve McIlrath for information on groups currently meeting.