Wachira Ngamau Family


Glenda and Wachira Ngamau are former Rock Church Members. Wachira came from Kenya to study at Trinity Divinity Seminary, attended and worked at the Rock Church, met and married Glenda, an active member there. They together founded PACE in 1999 (Pan African Christian Exchange). They have been living in Nyahururu, Kenya.

Wachira Ngamau is a Pastor AIC Church & Director P.A.C.E. Ministries.

October 2022

Greetings from Pace Ministries Kenya and the Ngamau family.

Future Graduates (Grades 6 and 8) in 2022

The grade 6 will be joining the junior secondary, which will include grades 7-9 starting 2023. (In the West you call it middle school.

It’s a first in Kenya, so we are implementing and learning it at the same time. Junior secondary is an independent school with elements of high school and primary combined. Pace has been approved as a junior secondary school site. From a site visit, we are equipped with the necessary classrooms and dormitories to accommodate 7th grade. Staff are also attending regular trainings for teaching this new curriculum.

We are coming to a swift close of the 2022 school year. We are presently in the 3rd and final academic term. School will be done by the last week in November. During the end of the November into December, grades 6, 8, and 12 shall be doing national exams that will allow them to move to the next level of education. All schools graduation is November 11th.

On infrastructure improvements, we are completing the high school boys dormitories to be occupied January 2023. A generous gift from a donor helped to build the main structure. Early this year, a long time donor willed Pace a very generous gift after her passing. The gift is being used for the high school boys dormitory completion as a memorial to her.

The high school kale projects did exceptionally well. This photo shows the greens that will be eaten for supper at the school once it has been accessed by the ministry of education.

Prayer Needs
  • Pray for good success on the national exams in November 2022
  • Pray for the completion of the high school dormitories
  • Praise God for the generous donor to help build the main structure
  • Pray for finances for food for the students in the extreme inflation


April Happenings in Kenya

Much like you, things that happen in a nation do trickle down to the everyday citizens. Here in Kenya, lack of rain causing drought and famine in various areas of the country. Grains and vegetable are scarce and very costly. The cost of most food items have doubled or tripled. Because of high fuel costs due to conflicts in Europe this plays a part in the high cost of food. Fuel is $5.50 a gallon in Kenya. We have had a shortage in our town for 3 weeks now. When fuel comes, the word spreads quickly which station to rush to.

Someone called Wachira at 2am to tell of a station near us. We went by 6am and were able to be served. All these inflated costs have put our schools in a tough place. The prices for food have already exceeded our budget. We are requesting friends for the ministry to consider a special gift to assist with food. Our highest cost items are maize and beans. To get 210 sacks of maize that will take us to the end of the year it will cost $6000. If you or your church would like to help in any way, designated giving can be sent to our Pay Pal account Pace Ministries or to the US office by check to Pace Ministries c/o Rosedale Church 14179 W. Evergreen Detroit, MI 48223. Please designate your gifts “food project”.

Praise God:
  • Girls dorms completed which provides a more spacious and modern facilities for our students.
  • Able to expand our high school computer lab with an additional 20 computers and a stronger internet capability.
  • An additional classroom completed in the high school block and concrete staircase to the third floor.
  • New outdoor toilets for the academy school.


We are thankful for these special gifts. We are also appreciative for the regular and consistent giving of many of you that help us to do ministry daily at Pace.

Our child sponsorship partners, your monthly giving helps to educate children in a Christian environment. Our hearts are filled with gratitude to God and friends like you.

Below are links to more information about the PACE Academies:

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The first term commenced from July 26-October 1. We are presently in the 2nd term of the school calendar, that ended December 17th. Teachers and students are all working hard to achieve the best academics possible. Pan African Schools include nursery(ages 1-6 years old) Academy is grades 1-8 and the high school hosts grades 9-12. The student population is 220 and our teaching and support staff comprise of 30. This is Pace, the people who share, care and learn in our ministry.


When Wachira began the international student program, Ladu was one of the first pupils to participate. A national of South Sudan, Ladu came to Pan African Academy in 6th grade.

The goal of the international program was to bring young people, and invest in them academically and spiritually. Upon completing high school students would return to their nations to make an impact in their families, communities and nations. During his time here we also learned that he is a terrific artist. He and others in the art club sold their art work to visiting teams that came to Pace to serve. In May, he returned to Juba to do business in various aspects of art. Ladu is a true success story in Pace of investing in one life and seeing it blossom. We wish him God’s best.

Help Support the Ministry

If you or church would like to join hands with us to support the school or the increase costs of food, gas, and expenses, you can send a gift through our PayPal account Pace Ministries. You can also send to our USA office address to:

Pace Ministries
c/o Rosedale Baptist Church
14161 Evergreen
Detroit, MI 48223.