Schrag Family


The Rock Church commissioned the Schrag family as their extended family in 1990 to work in northwest DR Congo with Wycliffe Bible Translators. They spent three years beginning a project to help the approximately 75,000 Mono speakers translate the Bible into their language. Through twists and turns that only God foresaw, they worked in France, Cameroon, Central African Republic, and Los Angeles, where Brian received a PhD in ethnomusicology from UCLA.

Brian is now SIL’s International Coordinator for Ethnomusicology and Arts, teaching, speaking, performing, and writing to encourage the world-wide church to respect and include traditional arts and artists in their lives (SIL is Wycliffe’s close partner). Barb does finances at The Seed Company, a part of Wycliffe dedicated to supporting locally-led Bible translation projects. Mindy is on staff with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in northern California, Austin graduates from Wheaton College in 2013, and Lydia is in 7th grade. Brian, Barb, Lydia, and Dawn—a daughter of the Schrag’s pastor in Cameroon going to college—live in Dallas.

A word from Brian:

“Here are a few of the great things we see God doing:
Mono churches have integrated Scripture songs played on a local harp, the kundi, into their normal lives.

* The Mono translation team—composed only of Mono people now—is on track to complete the New Testament in 2013 or 2014.

* Mono churches have integrated Scripture songs played on a local harp, the kundi, into their normal lives. This results directly from Brian’s work with the church there. Rev. Gaspard Yalemoto, director of the translation team, gives this testimony:

* Today, in all of the Mono churches, we see a radical change in how Christians live, because God’s message communicated through kundi songs directly touches their hearts. Many declare by their actions that the Spirit has used this to bring them back to the foot of the cross of Jesus Christ.

Rev. Yalemoto

* Brian has written a book to be published in January 2013: Creating Local Arts Together: A Manual to Help Communities Reach their Kingdom Goals. See this link. Here’s a short online article that will tell you what he’s been thinking about: God Hearts Arts.

The Schrags love the Rock!”