Katie Taylor


Katie Taylor came to Rock Church in the 1980′s along with 2 couples. They came to work at CUM to learn elements of crossing cultures and to learn team building skills for use in a different setting. After being involved at CUM and Rock Church, they left to be involved in urban development and eventually help start a church and denomination in Mexico City. The 2 couples have since moved on in their outreaches, but Katie has remained in Mexico all these years.


Currently she is working with an organization called Partners in Christ International. She has been teaching missiology and worldview courses in seminaries and at a school for cross-cultural workers as well as being involved in workshops promoting Biblical thinking which leads to wholistic outreach and community transformation. For some time, Katie has been working with a group of people dealing with abuse.

Prayer Requests:
  • that the church would truly be salt and light in this world
  • that we would be faithful, people of integrity
  • that God would use us to further His Kingdom
  • that God would be honored in all we do


PIC International
P.O. Box 237
Tempe, AZ 85280
For Credit Card Donations: 480-731-9170