New Believer’s Class

The New Believers Class at Rock of Our Salvation Church is intended to provide an introduction to the basic tenets of the Faith.  The class is intentionally discussion based, where attendees are encouraged to ask questions that surround the topics of the day.  Each class begins with a review of the past week, an introductory prayer to model a key component of our Faith, and the daily lesson.  We end each session with prayer and leave mutually encouraged.


The class is structured with a few lessons on an overview of what it means to be a Christian and continues with an in-depth analysis of the Genesis account to gain a fuller understanding of the Fall.  While a few Old Testament stories are studied in depth, especially from Genesis, Exodus, and Judges, the rest of the course focuses on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  The work of the Holy Spirit, along with the importance of continuing in a strong church body with healthy leadership and accountability round out the topics included in the New Believers Class.

The class is led by Claudia Pate.