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Category: From the Desk of Pastor Rob

Vision for 2021

Pastor Rob’s Perspective in 2021 Our God given experiences teach us wisdom. When we open our eyes to where we have been, we can see

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Vision for 2020

Rock Church: Where you experience a Lifestyle of Love by Loving God, Loving People, Loving to Serve More coming soon!

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Vision for 2019

Vision Mission Heart Of Thrive Rock Church Core Values Key to Health and Growth We Can Do This Sharing the Gospel How to Accomplish the

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Vision for 2018

It’s A Lifestyle and Not An Event To be a Body of Believers who display the Love of Christ and who love our neighbors; who

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VISION for 2017

GOD’S VISION FOR ROCK CHURCH & THEME FOR 2017 (Please get involved in our Capital Campaign!) I’m asked the question often: “What is God’s vision

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VISION for 2016

LET JESUS REIGN IN 2016 GOD’S VISION FOR ROCK CHURCH That we as a people will surrender all to God. A sincere desire to please

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December Fast

Prayer Focus: Ask Father God to give you strength to surrender ALL. Fasting Focus: Give up something for the whole month of December that would

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November Fast

Fasting: Choose one meal a day to do a Daniel Fast–only fruit and/or vegetables, and water. Read Daniel 1. In those days, I, Daniel, was

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October Fast

Prayer & Fasting for October 2015 Prayer Focus: This month we will focus on intercessory prayer. Pray without ceasing, throughout the day. Fasting Focus: Choose

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September Fast

Prayer & Fasting for September 2015 Prayer Focus: Every morning, as soon as you rise out of bed, pray for 15 minutes or longer. After

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