Circle Rock Prep School

Rock Church supported a private school, Circle Rock Prep School, in the building for a number of years, but the financial demands of the school made it the only ministry the church could support. When they were approached by the Christian Brothers about having a Chicago Public Charter School there, Circle Rock merged with the new school, resulting in Catalyst Circle Rock School.

Catalyst Schools

Catalyst Schools have run a Charter school in the Circle Urban complex since 2009.

It is a college preparatory school offering K-8 students an educational setting that nurtures academic, social, and emotional growth. In partnership with Rock Church, the focus is on developing the potential and value of every child regardless of background, educational level, or life circumstances. Catalyst’s tested education model is sustainable through public funding from Chicago Public Schools and provides for tuition-free extended school days, classes that continue into summer, 80 minutes of math, and 160 minutes of reading/language arts instruction daily.

Supportive Services

In addition, the social workers, teachers, support staff, and guidance counselors are guided by six pillars of character – trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring & citizenship, small classes, TAP (The System for Teacher and Student Advancement) participation, and parental involvement.