Board of Elders

Pastor Robert Louis Stevenson

Elder (Pastor) Willie Morris Jr.

Pastor Willie went to grade school, high school, and college in Chicago. He worked as a Chaplain for Circle Rock Prep School/Circle Urban Ministries and as Pastor at Greater Union Baptist Church. Upon retirement, he returned to Rock Church where he currently serves as Chairman of the Elder Board and right-hand-man for Pastor Stevenson.
He and his wife, Linda, live in the Austin neighborhood.

Elder Reggie Harris

Reggie Harris has been a Rock Church a long time. For many years he oversaw weekly set-up of the gym for worship. He and his wife, Sarita, also lead a small group on Friday nights. He is currently the Leader of the Praise Team.
They and some of their children live in the Austin neighborhood.

Elder Thomas Brooks

Thomas Brooks came to Rock Church in 2001 and liked the friendly people. He became a Christian in 2002 and has enjoyed serving people since then. Before becoming an elder, he also served as an Usher and a Deacon. He lives in the Austin neighborhood.

Elder Antonio O’Neal