Bible Study (Internet) Cafe


There are several ways you can Join the Meeting of the Bible Study Internet Café on Zoom:

From this Web Page
Click Here to join the group on Sunday morning!
No password required!

If it asks if you want to let "" to launch the client, click the checkbox that says "Don't Ask Me Again" and then click on "Yes". In the future, the following screen will come up and you click on the Launch Meeting button (see below).
Using Email or Text link
Click on the link in the Email or Text you received.
Note: Must have Zoom Client installed on smart phone (or tablet) or computer.
Click on these links to Install Zoom Client
Computer Installation
Smart Phone Installation
Entering Meeting ID
1. Open Zoom Client (must be installed already) or click on "Join Meeting" on Zoom screen (below)
2. Enter Meeting ID: 811 0230 1815 (second below, red arrow)
3. Click on "Join" (second below, blue button).
Image Image
Calling From Old Phone (not smart phone)
  1. Call 312-626-6799
  2. Enter meeting number: 811 0230 1815 (followed by #)
  3. When asked for id, hit #
  4. When asked for password, hit #
  5. Say your name when asked
  6. You will be added to the meeting

Image Image
In browser:
a) Click Here.
(takes you to
b) You only need to sign up for Zoom if you will be hosting meetings!
Image Image
c) Click on Resources in the upper-righthand corner and click on "Download Zoom Client".
d) Click on the Download Button under Zoom Client for Meetings.
e) Follow the instructions to install.
1. Go to the App Store for your brand of phone or tablet.
2. Install as directed.
3. Join the meeting using whatever method you prefer.

Here's a helpful video on How to Install Zoom for Cell Phones