Austin Neighborhood


The Austin Neighborhood of Chicago has many issues.

Founded in 1865, many lovely houses were built in the area and it once resembled its western neighbor, Oak Park.

house on our block
200 block n waller

Beauty Remains

See some of the area that is still beautiful at Austin Historic District.

But over time, the fortunes of the neighborhood changed.

Austin was 99.83% white in the 1960 census–a solidly middle-class neighborhood. In the late 1960s, due to the 1968 West Side riots and block-busting, many of the white residents moved away and African-Americans moved into the area.
Racial Change
See more information on the area’s history in Wikipedia Article on Austin or Encyclopedia of Chicago History.

Education Statistics

Education chart
Forty percent of the residents are high school drop-outs.
See more statistics at Austin Neighborhood Data.


Poverty Level

The Poverty Level for children 0-5 is 41%.

Charts About Austin

For charts giving more information on Austin, see Informational Charts About Austin.

State of the African-American Male

For Statistics on the State of the African-American Male, click here.


Most of Austin has some gang activity and high crime rates. Many of the young men end up in prison and cannot find jobs when they are released. One of every five inmates released on parole end up on the West Side of Chicago.

austin street scene

This is our community.

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