Austin Community


The Austin village began in 1865

It was a solidly middle-class neighborhood until the late 1960s. At that point, due to the 1968 West Side riots and block-busting, many of the white residents moved away and African-Americans moved into the area.
Racial Change
For more information see Wikipedia Article on Austin or Encyclopedia of Chicago History.

Charts giving information about Austin

Rather than write out a number of statistics, I refer you to these Informational Charts About Austin.
They indicate that the Austin Neighborhood has some advantages that Lawndale and Englewood do not have.

Historic Houses

One of the reasons Austin is different is because of the Austin Historic District.
Here are a couple of historic houses.

Schock house
Ginters house crop

Columbus Park

Columbus Park is a great asset to Austin. It was designed by a renowned landscape architect, Jens Jensen and restored in the 1990s.

columbus park
Columbus park building

There are a lot of things to do at Columbus Park and many free events.

Infrastructure Maintenance

There are physical improvements being made to the Austin neighborhood–electrical infrastructure, gas infrastructure, streets, etc.

Physical assy
PCC Assy
EEEYouth assy
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Gardening in Austin

Did you know that vacant land in Austin is now being used to grow food (see above)? There are new initiatives like the PCC Austin Community Farm and Market and Root-Riot Harambee’s community garden.

Live Stock in Austin

Carolyn Ioder raises goats, chickens, and bees. She walks her goats every day from her house to their grazing area (right). Read more about her in these two articles: Bee-keeping in Austin and Raising Goats in Austin.
Carolyn Ioder walking goats sm

Schools and After School

Because Rock Church and Catalyst Circle Rock School share facilities, we are excited about what is happening in the school. See Catalyst Circle Rock School for more information.

Students from Catalyst Circle Rock Charter School, 5608 W. Washington Blvd., and Milton R. Brunson Math and Science School, 932 N. Central, took a trip to Austin where they learned about Illinois State Government. Springfield trip
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Good things are also happening at Austin College and Career Academy APA Rahm headline

There are many groups with different approaches providing Tutoring and Mentoring in Austin.

Kehrein center for the Performing Arts

Watch the renovation work here or click on the picture!

See pictures of the Rock Milestone Celebration here!

Unique Supportive Organizations in Austin

Click on the pictures to see them full size or follow these links:
Bethel New Life and New Moms.

bnl assy

New Moms assy

Food Pantries in Austin

There are also many Food Pantries in Austin:
Food Pantries

News Sources for Austin:

Austin Talks
Austin Weekly News

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