Bible Study Cafe Ephesians Devotional

We will be studying the Book of Ephesians to prepare ourselves for whatever will come in 2021.

Each Sunday, we will discuss the lesson for the week at 9 AM in Bible Study (Internet) Cafe (Zoom call).
At 10:30 AM Pastor Robert L. Stevenson will preach on the same Scripture passage that we just studied (Youtube Live).

After spending the morning studying the passage and pondering how we are to apply it, if we are obedient and surrender our lives to God, we will never be the same again.

The Ephesians Devotional has been created for Rock Church.

To join the Sunday morning call at 9 AM, click on the Bible Study (Internet) Cafe page link and follow the instructions there.

Bring your questions.
Bring your concerns.
But most of all, bring a heart that is open to meet the Living God through His Word and His wonders!