Watch Nov 5 Symposium on Racial Reconciliation

The Symposium on Racial Reconciliation Occurred on November 5th.

If you weren’t able to attend, it was recorded and is available on YouTube.

It is 4 hours and 12 minutes of information — Watch on YouTube.
All of it was interesting.

If you use the progress bar at the bottom of the YouTube video, you can move to the sections that you are interested in.

  • There was an unusual video at 15 minutes.
  • The Youth Panel started at 18:36. The young adults had very interesting stories.
  • Khiry Johnson started with a video on privilege at 1:05.
  • Hannah Bonecutter’s performance was at 1:17.
  • The Mentoring Youth Panel is at 1:26.
  • Darrel Washington’s interview with LaShawn Ford is at 2:26.
  • The Story Tellers came on at 2:49.
  • Samantha Jordon appeared at 3:10.
  • James Borishade’s panel starts at 3:20.
  • Vanessa Stokes (who put this together) is on at 3:55.