Nov 5–Virtual Conference–Symposium on Racial Reconciliation

Kehrein Center for the Arts is inviting neighborhood leaders, advocates, artists and musicians to help plan a community event about systemic racism in Chicago and the organizing work helping to heal under-resourced communities.

The goal is to help participants learn more about the West Side’s history of neglect and how public policies rooted in racism continue to burden the area and traumatize residents, organizers said.

The program will be formed by neighborhood groups and individuals with compelling voices on that theme. This event will be live streamed on YouTube and Facebook and moderated by Reesheda Washington.

Themes for presentations in this symposium will include racial reconciliation, our hidden history, and the Black Lives Matter movement. We are aligning this symposium to the Austin’s Quality of Life Plan and we will focus on the seven issue areas:
​• Community Narrative
• Economic Development
• Education
• Housing
• Public Safety
• Youth Empowerment
• Civic Engagement

We are looking for proposals that speak to these areas and describe how to create actions that are sustainable, measurable and that can make a long-lasting impact in the community.

Questions for consideration in Symposium presentations:
  • For whom and for what are you advocating?
  • Who have been the important voices for you in the area of racial justice?
  • How do you impact and effect change?
  • If historical figures like Christopher Columbus and Thomas Jefferson are no longer embraced as those who best represent our country’s ideals, which historical figures do?
  • What would our country look like if our actions reflected that all people are created equally?

Please consider participating, as well as circulating to others whose voices we need to hear today.

Anyone interested in leading a session for the symposium can submit a proposal by contacting Sharon Morgan at

The deadline for the Call for Proposals is October 16, 2020.

For sponsorship opportunities and further questions, contact Sharon Morgan at

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