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Service Changes for Coronavirus Social Distancing - Rock of Our Salvation

Service Changes for Coronavirus Social Distancing

No Midweek or Sunday Services at Kehrein Center until further notice!

Pastor Rob will stream Messages at service times!

Midweek Service (Wednesday) will stream from 7:00 to 7:20 PM or you can see it later on Facebook.

Link to March 18th message

Sunday Service will stream from 10:30 to 11:00 AM or you can see it later on Facebook.

Link to March 22nd message
Link to March 22nd Praise Music

Here are two other playlists: Praise Playlist and a Worship Playlist prepared by Sister Iesha.

Pastor will stream using Facebook Live!

1. If you don’t have a Facebook login id and profile, set one up on Facebook.com.
2. Sign in to Facebook.
3. Enter “Robert Stevenson” in the Search window in the Blue Bar on the Facebook page.
4. When the list of Robert Stevensons comes up, choose the one that shows Pastor Rob and Bridgett and a Bulls’ basketball logo.
5. Go to his page to determine if you need to be a friend to see his posts. (See below for that process)
6. Log into Facebook 15 minutes or so before 7 PM and go to Pastor Rob’s Facebook page.
7. Click on the “Following” button so you’ll get notifications about his posts.
8. Watch the live stream–it will be at the top of his timeline screen.

Alternative method–go to the Rock of Our Salvation Evangelical Free Church page and click on his name in the top post.

To become a friend:
1. Click on the “Add Friend” button on the Robert Stevensons page (make sure you pick the correct one).
2. When you get the message that you’re now a friend of his, you’re all set.
Go to step 6 above.

See Coronavirus Message from Pastor Rob, Coronavirus Gospel Giving & Prayer & Contact Info, and Coronavirus Information for more information.