Bible Study Cafe Suspended

Want Something New in 2020 That Will Change Your Life for Good?

Dedicate the first 21 weeks of 2020 to walking with God in a new way!

Rock Church Bible Study Cafe

Sunday Mornings
8:45 AM – 10:00 AM
Starts January 5th

Bring your friends who want to know what a Christian is!
Come yourself to brush up on Basic Christian Doctrine!

What is the book we’ll be using?

The “First Steps” manual was written by Senior Pastor Robert L. Stevenson for presenting new or potential believers with what the Bible says we believe.

How many lessons are there?
What topics do they cover?

What does a weekly lesson consist of?
  • Target Goals
  • Scripture Anchors
  • Preparing to Study
  • Reading & Discussion
  • Thinking
  • Practicing

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    Think about these questions about your life before you come:
    • Where are you coming from?
    • Where do you want to go?
    • How would you like to get there?

    You can approach them from a spiritual, emotional, or intellectual angle.