See My Peace Rally on August 10

Saturday August 10th
11 AM to 3 PM
Field north of 118 N Central

Pioneered by Local-Motions, Inc., “See My Peace” was designed to promote peace in Chicago’s Austin community.
This youth-led initiative includes non-profit organizations, local churches, businesses, police, and community members.

Youth: Share your message of peace!

Youth of all ages will have an opportunity to create and share their messages of peace through a variety of art forms.

All attendees can use dance, spoken word, visual arts, or performance as platforms for a message of peace.
Contact Iesha Polk to add your name to the list!

Dunk Tank

Pastor Rob will be taking a turn in the dunk tank!
No fancy dances of celebration allowed after dunking him!

Volunteers needed to Set Up and Clean up

See Iesha Polk to volunteer!