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New Rock Milestone Celebration - Rock of Our Salvation

New Rock Milestone Celebration

Dedication Service March 22, 2019

March 22nd Set 1    March 22nd Set 2    March 23rd Concert
March 24th Worship Service    March 24th Luncheon

Photos by Bob Meade

Speakers in the gym: Lonni Kehrein (Circle Urban Founder), Pastor Raleigh Washington (Rock Church Founder), James Borishade (Circle Urban CEO), Pastor Robert Stevenson (Rock Church), Ed Siderewicz (Catalyst Schools)

The First “First Lady” of Rock Church–Paulette Washington speaking about Harvest (Pastor Raleigh Washington’s wife)

Rachel Washington leads in worship in the gym (Pastor Raleigh Washington’s older daughter)

Pastor Raleigh Washington watching his younger daughter, Petra Faith Washington, speak

The congregation in the gym before we cross over

Shofars are blown in the gym as we start to cross over

The Ribbon Cutting– from left to right: Pastor Willie Morris, Blake Stevenson, Bridgett Stevenson, Pastor Robert Stevenson, Pastor Cliff Kyle, Pastor Raleigh Washington, and Pastor Abraham Lincoln Washington (Sheila Anderson in the background)

Shofars sound before we cross into the lobby

Rachel Washington leads in worship in the New Rock Sanctuary

Dedication Service led by Pastor Robert Louis Stevenson

Pastor Robert Louis Stevenson speaking from the pulpit

Pastor Abraham Lincoln Washington and Pastor Raleigh Washington holding up Pastor Robert Louis Stevenson arms the way Aaron and Hur held up Moses’ arms in Exodus 17

Praise Dancers celebrate as part of the Dedication Service

Thriller Skit: Kevin Bonner as MC for Rock Church “nem” Jeopardy game

Thriller Skit Contestants Steve McIlrath, Reggie Harris, and “Anybody” for Rock Church “nem” Jeopardy game

Thriller Skit question selection board for Rock Church “nem” Jeopardy game

Thriller Skit: Thriller Dance (Reggie Harris, Ms. Bonner, and Steve McIlrath)

Pastor Abraham Lincoln Washington and Pastor Arthur Jackson as Pastor Jackson gives the Benediction

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