Find Vision for New Rock 12/2 & 12/9

Stay after church on Sunday and add your ideas to the Vision!

A Light Lunch Will Be Served!

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On Sunday, November 25th, Pastor Rob gave the following information:

Acronym Thrive:
T – Tired
H – Helpless
R – Revolving Door
I – Inspired
V – Victorious
E – Empowered

Pastor Rob needs our help to create what it means for New Rock Church to have a T.H.R.I.V.E Mentality!

He wants us to think about:
1. What life events or circumstances have caused you to feel
– Tired
– Helpless
– Revolving Door?

2. What types of things help you feel or be
– Inspired
– Victorious
– Empowered?

3. Who do you know that might be at their breaking point?

4. Where do you see Rock Church in 10 years?
– How many members?
– What kind of ministries?