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Principles of Racial Reconciliation - Rock of Our Salvation

Principles of Racial Reconciliation

Patrick Dankwa John has written the following articles on the eight principles of Racial Reconciliation found in Breaking Down Walls by Glen Kehrein and Raleigh Washington.
The topics in purple are pending.

Commitment to Relationship
Commitment to build significant relationships across racial lines

Purposeful, positive planned activity that facilitates racial reconciliation

Willingness to be vulnerable with the goal of building trust

Relating empathetically to a person of a different race or culture

We each offer something the other person needs

Willingness to relinquish an established status or position to facilitate a cross-cultural relationship

Use of repentance and forgiveness to create complete freedom in a cross-cultural relationship

We are all called to be involved in the ministry of reconciliation but some have a special call to be racial reconcilers