2018 100 Churches, 100 Blocks Longer Time

Join Rock Church members on Wednesday Nights as we participate in 100 Churches, 100 Blocks!

The Season begins June 6 and will continue through the end of July.

Walking A Block or Standing on the Corner!

Meet in Room 101 at 6:00 PM for a few instructions!

We will walk south from 118 N Central on Central to Washington and Central.
From Washington and Central, we will walk south on Central to Madison and Central. Some individuals will stay there.
From Madison and Central, we will walk west on Madison to Madison and Parkside.
From Madison and Parkside, we will walk north on Parkside to Washington and Parkside.
From Washington and Parkside, we will walk east on Washington to Washington and Central.

When our time is up at 7:45 PM, we will go north on Central from Washington and Central to 118 N Central.
There will be a brief meeting in room 101 for a debriefing.

Bible Study will not meet.

We ask passersby if we can pray for them. We also pray for the community.
Wear Red!

If there will be thunder and lightning between 6 PM and 7 PM, we will not go out on the street corner!

Stop by the front desk of Circle Urban to pick up Rock Church cards to pass out to anyone interested.

This is the sixth year that Rock has participated in this activity organized by the 15th District Police. Check out Pictures from other years!

This year (2018)

More 2018 pictures