Fudge Ripple May 6

Mark your calendars for May 6th

Fudge Ripple–Racial Reconciliation

Fudge Ripple meetings were started early in Rock Church history as a forum where racial differences and opinions could be aired and mutual learning and understanding could be reached…The goal was to be preventive, to “maintain the unity of the Spirit”.

Topics for this session are:
#Black Lives Matter
#White Lives Matter
#Christian Lives Matter.
A Precise Schedule has not been established.
Usual Worship Service at 10:30 AM

On that day there will be:

Chocolate sessions(those who identify themselves as Black–minority culture in society)
Vanilla sessions(those who identify themselves as White–majority culture in society)
A meal together(usually needed because of the length of the day)
Fudge-Ripple session for all
These traditionally conclude with Fudge Ripple Ice Cream and Oreo cookies
Pastor Rob with traditional containers for questions

2017 Fudge Ripple Explanation
Historic Fudge Ripple Explanation
2017 Fudge Ripple Photographs