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Compassion Ministry Training Jan 27th - Rock of Our Salvation

Compassion Ministry Training Jan 27th

We have a new evangelism tool that will be used by the Compassion Ministry!

The group is headed by Sheila Anderson. They will be implementing a program from the group called the Children’s Hunger Fund called the Mercy Network.

Since we have joined the Mercy Network, we will receive Food Paks and training to help us serve the needy in our community. The goal is to not only meet their physical needs, but to establish relationships that lead to opportunities to share the gospel. This gospel-centered program is free to our church.

Sheila Anderson and her team will be selecting a family or two in the community to start off the program. In exchange for the food, the family is expected to take in a message about spiritual things.

What is a Food Pak?
A Food Pak is a box of up to 20 pounds of staple foods, designed to supplement a family of four for about a week. Each meal costs only 25¢ and each Food Pak contains about 48 meals.

When is the training?

The morning of January 27th. See Sheila Anderson for details. There will be a charge of $10 for the training materials and two meals (breakfast and lunch). The organization’s headquarters are in Homewood, IL and the training will take place there.