Campaign of Hope Launched!

The Campaign of Hope (also known as the Austin Dream) has launched!

After church on July 23, Pastor Rob, Edmund Siderewicz and the Capital Campaign Team spoke about the campaign and the congregation’s part in it.

Click on Biblical Capital Campaign to see Pastor Rob’s explanation of the answer to that question. The short answer is Yes!
We may not all give equally, but we can sacrifice equally.

Edmund Siderewicz, the Director of External Relations for the Catalyst Schools, spoke about the history of their organization which has been involved in human and Christian education for the young for over 340 years. See The Brothers of the Christian Schools to get more detailed information. They have been working with banks and foundations to develop clever financing that will reduce the total cost of the renovations. They have a large donation already but will not start remodeling until at least half the total cost has been raised. They have the architectural drawings (see The Austin Dream is Coming) and, although the City of Chicago Work Permits have expired, they will be easy to reinstate. If the funds come in, work could be started this fall.

The members of the Capital Campaign Committee then spoke.

(Pat, Gary, and Willie from left to right)
Pat spoke about how unique this campaign is, that the three organizations (Catalyst Schools, Rock Church, and Circle Urban Ministries) are all working together for results that will benefit all three organizations. (The CEO of Circle Urban Ministries was present but did not speak.)

If you belong to an organization that would be interested in hearing Pastor Rob speak about Racial Reconciliation, please try to arrange it.

If you know anyone in the local media, please encourage them to find out more about Rock Church and the Campaign of Hope.

Willie then spoke about the Campaign of Hope (or the Austin Dream) pamphlet and encouraged everyone to take several to give to friends or neighbors or anyone else that might be interested in learning about the Campaign of Hope.

Gary then spoke about the importance of praying for the campaign as well as contributing to it. Gary’s wife and grandson handed a bead and a piece of string to any who wanted a physical reminder to pray for the campaign.

An initial offering was taken but one can donate at any time–click THE AUSTIN DREAM in the right sidebar and follow the instructions.