Vanilla Meeting Notes

Vanilla Meeting Notes 9 AM February 19, 2017

Conversation Starter Tips and Suggestions:
1. Be open about who you are.
2. What did you enjoy most this week?
3. Questions about any common experience.
4. Don’t correct simple mistakes.
5. Share your vulnerabilities.
6. Seek to find out what other is expert in.
7. Share something about yourself.
8. Can you find common ground in project or the social context you are in together.

1. Not taking the risk
2. Don’t fear the mess
3. Don’t spiritualize the answers—keep it rooted in reality, bathed in love, open to embarrassment. Lean into your discomfort, being uncomfortable.
4. Be a learner/student – Don’t try to be just the teacher. Wisdom comes through experience but experience comes through mistakes
5. Be open to learning about yourself—why did I ask that? White males ask “Where do you work” or “What’s your job” to mentally place person in hierarchy relative to themselves.
6. Greet Black folk on the street

Seek new, spirit-guided scripts on the tough [interactions]
How blend rather than destroy?
The Evil Spirit of Division—tolerance is an inadequate solution. Jesus’ death/resurrection has broken down the walls between us. Ephesians 2:10-18.
To do:
1. Bibliography to read
2. How can we be involved in a meaningful/worthwhile way in the Austin Community?
Discussion about social class needed in the future—especially education.