Fudge Ripple Photographs

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Chocolate Meeting

Vanilla Meeting

Pastor Rob with Fudge Ripple Question Containers

Fudge Ripple Meeting
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Mealtime Fellowship

Mealtime Fellowship 2

Visitors from Kearney, Nebraska with James Borishade and Pastor Stevenson

The cakes below were commissioned by Jonathan Kelly and baked by his daughter Lynnette. They were to serve as examples about the futility of judging from the outside.
The Chocolate Frosted Cake was a checkerboard cake with vanilla and chocolate sections.
The Orange Cake (far left) had four layers that were graduated in color–darkest on the bottom and lightest on the top.
The Lemon Cake (yellow) was a variable color outside but uniform inside, as was the Mint Chocolate (green outside).
Thank you Jonathan for this addition to the Fudge Ripple Ice Cream and Oreos dessert!