Fudge Ripple Meeting Notes

Ephesians 2:10-18
Pastor – taught when growing up to not answer white questions. If they wanted to learn about him and his family, they had to do things along with his family.
Now he sees that they just wanted to get to know him. His best friend is white.

Chocolate Meeting Summary

Discussed Trump’s election—how could Chocolates vote for him?
Reconciliation between Chocolates and Vanillas. Distance between them started with slavery.
Do they have a sense of entitlement to help from white people/government?
Looking for government to provide needs means depending on those elected to meet those needs.
Look at their community. Things haven’t changed whether the government was Republicans or Democrats.
We need to be agents of change (James Borishade). The decay has been going on for years.
Waiting—it’s a spiritual thing. Keeps us divided white/black and black/black.
We stand up and take the lead in our own community.
1. Needs in common
2. What we need to do

Vanilla Meeting Summary

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Fudge Ripple Meeting Summary

Relationships are built through servanthood and vulnerability.

Henry Horner story
Why are whites not willing to be transparent? They have to maintain appearances.
Whites in their home keep their (kitchen) garbage cans hidden (usually).
Blacks have their (kitchen) garbage cans out in the open.
Not skin color but culture:
Frank: He experienced Jim Crow in the south—that was definitely skin color. When school desegregation came in, Frank was moved from all-black school to previously all-white school. His grades went from As to Fs. White teachers wouldn’t adjust their teaching methods to include him. He only succeeded in school because his 13 sisters taught him. Things are getting better for him—he isn’t affected by racism.
Term AOB – Afraid of Black.
Whites only pull blacks down if the blacks let them do it.
Fighting isn’t the answer. If you see someone (boss, co-worked, etc.) have something you want, ask them how they got it so you can do the same things. You need to develop your mind to think like them.

Jeffery: He and a white man hold the same position under their supervisor. Jeffery works more hours but the white man gets more teaching. He’d like his supervisor to look at his character instead of the color of his skin.

Why as Christian A-As do they have to forgive those who hurt them?
1. Christ forgave us, we have to forgive them.
2. Not forgiving hurts you—they may have no idea that they hurt you.
3. Don’t forgive them without thinking about what you can learn about yourself from the experience. Hopefully you can learn to protect yourself if a similar situation arises.
There is no reconciliation without forgiveness through Christ.
Vanillas have a Biblical mandate to listen to what others of their race have done to Chocolates. Trust has to be built between the parties. Demanding forgiveness does not work.
Black folks too quick to blame others…Need to act on their own responsibility
How can you tell someone to just get over it?
James Borishade – His parents are from Nigeria. Some Africans from Africa find it difficult to be around African-Americans because of blame and anger issues.
Pastor talked about some angry blacks who won’t work and blame others for their poverty. Jesus made peace—each individual has to find their own peace.
What is one thing you wish white people would stop doing in interactions.
1. Don’t stand too close
2. Don’t’ ask if that’s their hair they’re wearing.
Our goal is that both Chocolates and Vanillas feel free when interacting together.
Joe Maul’s closing words: Besides Christianity, we have something else in common:
We know what we know and
we don’t know what you don’t know.

God is our Father whether we’re chocolate or vanilla. Matthew 23:9