November 26–Thanksgiving Brunch

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Thanksgiving has become turkey and football to Americans. It is a holiday that we, as Christians, should celebrate because of the opportunity to make the God of the Pilgrims known to others. (See The First Thanksgiving for details.)

Rock Church is having a Thanksgiving Brunch on Thursday, November 26 at 11 AM.

The doors will open at 11 AM and close at 11:15.
At this point, only the first 60 individuals will be admitted because of limited resources.
The invitation will be made to attendees of the Breakfast Ministry, New Moms, and the church.

There will be a teaching time before the meal.

Donations to cover the costs of the meal are needed.

Volunteers are needed to provide food, prepare food, serve food, encourage attendees, and clean-up.

It is expected to end by 1 PM so members can still attend family celebrations.
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