Our Purpose

The mission of Rock Church is embodied in the acronym



C – To be purposefully involved in Cross Cultural outreach and bridge building between races

A – To focus ministry in the Austin neighborhood

L – To build Leaders within the membership

L – To function under the Lordship of Jesus Christ as prescribed and approved

by the Holy Scriptures

E – To engage in Evangelism, spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ

D – To make Disciples of Jesus Christ through teaching and preaching of the Holy Spirit

Our Church

We are an Evangelical Free Church on Chicago’s west side, comprised of people from different racial, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Intertwined with the love of God, our hearts are set toward establishing His plan in our community.

We are united with Circle Urban Ministries in a faith and works Partnership. We minister to the whole person through a network of interdependent programs. Together, we are salt and light in the Austin Community.

We welcome Catalyst Schools Chicago to our neighborhood to use our building to provide a tuitiion free, values based quality education to Austin’s children.