Pastor’s Anniversary Celebration

Rock Church celebrates the second year with our pastor, Robert Louis Stevenson!
The theme: Keeping My Eyes on The Lamb!

Minister Dante Upshaw and family came to assist with the celebration.

Service choir

Capable emcee,
scripture read,
and opening prayer.

Service Emcee


Procession of speaker

Procession of pastor and family

Praise in Dance.

Dance Dear God 5

Dance Dear God 6

Dance See You 3

Dance See You

Tributes given.

Tribute by Shiela



Reception cake

Reception food

Photo op W Pastor 1

Photo op w pastor 2

Photo op w Pastor 3

Photo op w pastor 4

Photo op w pastor 5

Photo op w Pastor 6

Photo op w pastor 7

Photo op w pastor 8

Photo op w pastor 9

Photo op youth1

Photo op

Photo ops

Photo speaker and Pastor Linc

Photo op Pastor and Mr. A

Photo op Pastor Linc

Reception chatting

Photo w pastor 11

Many hands
made the event
go off smoothly!

Clean sweep

Service scripture


Procession Flags

Other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring,and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd. John 10: 16, KJV.

Dance Dear God 4

Dance Dear God 3

Dance See you 4

Dance See You 2

Service commission

Tribute by A & E

Tribute by Iesah

Reception line

Photo op Brothers

Pastor op w Pastor and Pastor

Photo Ladies

Photo Mom and son

Photo op 3

Photo trio

Photo op at reception

Photo Op of youth

Photo op w pastor 12

Photo op w pastor 13

Reception photos

Photo op w pastor 14

Photo op w pastor 15

Photo op w pastor 16

Photo op w pastor and guest speaker

Photo op w pastor and wife

Photo op guests

Photo op w pastor2

Photo op w reception

Photo w Pastor

Reception eats

Clean up

Photo of pastor's family

Praise God for His blessing on our church!