New Author at the Rock!

A Rock Church member publishes a novel!

Cliff Kyle has written a riveting life story about a fictional character named Willie who was given Godly wisdom early in his life under a shade tree. After going astray, God powerfully intervened and took Willie on 12 of the most incredible days of his life.


The Shade Of Wisdom is a 300 page novel with a message. It teaches and counsels in very illustrative ways using the life story of Willie Johnson. It is a guide on how and when to pray. However, rather than being a list of topics with sample prayers, it instructs in the context of situational stories. Witnessing can be a challenge for some of us. Yet, the book demonstrates how God will place opportunities to spread the gospel right before our eyes if we would just be observant.


The book can be purchased at
The Shade of Wisdom web site.
Half of the author’s profits
will be sent to Rock Church
if you fill in the product code
with the word “Rock”
when you purchase the book on line.
They will also be for sale at the church
and at the church picnic.
Celebrate with Elder Kyle!

See the book trailer.