100 Blocks, 100 Churches

Pastor Rob and Rock Church members partner with the Chicago Police Department and the Faith Community to pray for our community.

Rock members prayed for, met, and shared with community members on the corner of Central and Corcoran.



Our commander and other police officers
joined us.


Pray for our community and our police department.

Other churches join

This partnership strives to reduce and prevent area crime and protect our youth.


Justine and Commander


Pray for our churches.

The vision, mission, and goal of the 15th District C.A.P.S

Our Vision is to build strong partnerships among churches, block clubs, and the 15th District Police Officers to initiate and assist, to organize the community as one, to prevent crime, and to create a violence free community for our children.

Our Mission calls for all local churches to lead initiatives such as:

    • prayer vigils;
    • prayer walks on identified troubled blocks and surrounding church buildings at all times.
  • Each church can add their church’s vision or passion to enhance our efforts together to help all people. This neighborhood initiative will make an impact in our community and demonstrate our united efforts as one force to stop violence.

    Our Goal is to have 100 Blocks and 100 Churches united to stop violence and protect families and young people in the 15th District and to make a positive change in our community.

    For more information, contact:
    15th District C.A.P.S
    5710 W. Madison,
    Chicago IL 60644

    Praise God for
    a supportive police department
    in establishing this