Police Commander Hosted

Pastor Stevenson and Rock Church hosted Commander West of the 15th District and numerous officials from Chicago’s City Hall, Tuesday evening, December 11th.

Commander Barbara West reported making great progress in eliminating a significant number of gang members working on the street corner of Washington and Parkside, across from the church. She is excited that Rock Church wants to be a part of the solution making Austin a better place to live. Pastor Stevenson and other church members have been praying on this corner even as drug dealing has continued across the street. The police have now placed a squad car at this site, making it possible to move to other corners for prayer and sharing with pedestrians.

Commander West
listened carefully
to participants.

from the community
took the opportunity
to meet and share

Pastor Stevenson
opened and closed
the meeting in

Community members
made their concerns

An impressive array of officials from the mayor’s office, including the Department of Family and Supportive Services, CARE Collaborative, CAPS, the Department of Buildings, and the Department of Streets and Sanitation spoke and encouraged community organization and Block Clubs to make use of 311 to report untoward activity.

We thank God for this step in coming together for our community!