Back to School

Greetings Rock Church: It’s Back to School for our children, friends and family or even ourselves.

Blake is looking forward to being in the 6th grade this year. Yet, I’m sure it’s going to be hard getting him out of the bed and getting him ready for this new season of going back in school. Let the truth be told it’s hard for many of you to get up and start studying your Word!

We as Christians… it’s back to school for us in a way or should I say we should always be in school, a student of the Word of God! “Christian Living means Living on the Word of God!”

My main claim is this: We are to live on the Word of God. Day by Day! The written Word of God in the Bible is the means of our relation to Christ therefore we have no other choice other than being a student of the Word. We can fellowship with Christ by knowing Him through His written Word. We talk to Him on the basis of what we know of Him from the written Word. We hear Him speak to us through what He has shown us of His character and purpose in the written Word. Moment by moment, our vital union with Christ, experientially (based on experience), is sustained, shaped, and carried by the Word of God.

If you don’t read, memorize, or meditate on the Word daily, or delight in it, savor it (enjoy it) or have your mind and emotions shaped by the Word, you will be a weak Christian at best. You will be fragile, easily deceived, easily paralyzed by trouble and stuck in many mediocre (not very good) ruts. But if you become a student of the Word, memorizing important parts of it, meditating on it, savoring it or focusing your mind on it, then you will be like a strong tree planted by the streams of water that brings forth fruit. Your leaf won’t wither in the drought (dryness or famine) and you will be productive in your life for Christ (see Psalm 1:1).

“Christian Living means Living on the Written Word of God”… the Bible. In true Christian living, our relation to the Word is intentional, not haphazard (random, unplanned, or chaotic). It’s active, not passive. We pursue it and don’t just wait for it to happen. The Christian life is a joyful project that calls for energy, aim, resolve, and determination. It is not coasting or drifting or something that just happens to you like the weather. The Word of God, soaked in prayer is the substance (in the sense of “the material” or “the fuel”) of that joyful project. Our delight is in the Word of the Lord and on this Word we meditate day and night (see Psalm 1:3). To God be the Glory!!