Rock blessed by our own poet

Communion was made more meaningful by “Remembering the Cross” written and read by Claudia Pate.

Remembering the Cross

Between my sins and Heaven hangs an old rugged cross
A symbol of remembrance of what it cost,
For me to come to the Table and commune today
with the One whose blood washed all my sins away.
The One whose body beaten, bruised and torn,
hung from a tree having been mocked and scorned.
But what was meant to bring defeat, sorrow and shame,
bought victory for sinners from the Lamb who was slain
on that old rugged cross that now bears His name.
As I take of His body and drink of His cup
may my soul rejoice and my voice be lifted up,
To praise the Savior in whom no sin could be found.
And may I remember with gratefulness,
No Cross – No Crown!

by Claudia Ann Pate