Small Group at Ginters

Want to connect with Rock members? Want to study God’s word? Want somewhere to go on Tuesday night?
Come join the Tuesday Night Bible Study group as we begin studying Praying the Psalms (InterVarsity Press LifeGuide series) on June 2 at the Ginters’ house.
This study discusses nine Psalms and how we can use them as models for our own prayers.
Discussions are never dull–besides Gary and Joanna Ginter, our group includes Nancy and Gerry Nordgren, Victor and Alfiya Moore, Florence Watson, Andre Hinton, D’Lana O’Neal, and Sandra Jackson.

Contact Gary or Joanna Ginter, or Gerry or Nancy Nordgren for more information.

Gary G 4
Joanna 2
Moores Hinton

Sandra Jackson 3