Racial Reconciliation

Racial Reconciliation is defined in Breaking Down Walls by Raleigh Washington and Glen Kehrein as having 8 principles:

  • Commitment to relationship: Commitment to build significant relationships across racial lines
  • Intentionality: Purposeful, positive planned activity that facilitates racial reconciliation
  • Sincerity: Willingness to be vulnerable with the goal of building trust
  • Sensitivity: Relating empathetically to a person of a different race or culture
  • Interdependence: We each offer something the other person needs
  • Sacrifice: Willingness to relinquish an established status or position to facilitate a cross-cultural relationship
  • Empowerment: Use of repentance and forgiveness to create complete freedom in a cross-cultural relationship
  • Call: We are all called to be involved in the ministry of reconciliation but some have a special call to be racial reconcilers