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HISTORY – Murray and Kathy moved into the Austin neighborhood in 1980 to become members of the Austin Community Fellowship, along with their two older sons, Justin and Andrew. Murray became the Director of Operations of Circle Urban Ministries and eventually served in that position for 21 years. They joined Rock Church in 1992. In 1993 they became licensed foster parents with Circle Family Care. God added Mikki and Olajuwon to their family out of that ministry – a wonderful unexpected blessing!
While serving on the missions committee at Rock for a number of years, God began to move in their hearts with a desire to be involved more directly in taking the gospel to unreached people in other lands. God opened a door, and since 2006 they have been in Senegal, West Africa, a predominantly Muslim country.

CURRENT-Murray and Kathy have moved from Senegal to Wausau, Wisconsin.

PRAYER NEEDS – Pray for the new business manager in Dakar and Murray’s adjustment to new roles. Pray that God will use us as salt and light in this new situation. Pray for Olajuwon for his transition from school as he prepares for job training.
Mikki graduated from high school in 2012 and has settled near our oldest son, Justin and his family, in Wausau, Wisconsin. Pray that God will direct her path as she takes new steps as a young adult.

November 2, 2013
Dear Rock Church Friends,

Having an extra hour this weekend, because we’re setting our clocks back (for the first time in 8 years) seemed like a good time to post a note and bring you up on our latest news. So, we send greetings from Wisconsin – where the Autumn season has been quite amazing and beautiful , and even a few snowflakes have made their appearance! Talk about a contrast from the desert land of West Africa!

We bid farewell to Dakar Academy and our many friends in Senegal in early June. In July we moved up north into a small but very comfortable 3 room apartment in the city of Wausau. We are enjoying visits with our son, Justin and family, and daughter Mikki, who also live in this town.

Olajuwon is a junior at Wausau East High School. He made the varsity soccer team, which was a tremendous blessing for him and also a big time commitment. He was able to score 5 goals during the season. His favorite class at school has probably been Job Training, which involves several trips each week to different job sites. He is on his way to learning the city bus system, which will be helpful for when he is ready to transition out of school.

Murray made a return trip to Senegal in late July to complete some work for Dakar Academy. Since returning in August, he’s been able to help the new business manager become oriented with the help of email. Murray is now trying out a new job here in Wausau as a part time custodian at the technical college. He works 4 to 8 am weekdays – and goes to bed much earlier now!

Kathy has been keeping track of schedules and various appointments for everyone, which were considerable in the early weeks, and finding her way around this new town. She walks and/or or bikes several miles every day, and really enjoys the pleasure of being outdoors in such a beautiful area.

We all are appreciating the natural beauty of our new location, and we’ll let you know how much enjoyment we’re still feeling come winter! Murray hopes to take up curling (a popular winter sport up here) while Kathy is eager to try snowshoeing. Olajuwon is going for skiing. All of us are aiming to enjoy the frosty season ahead of us!

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says there is a season for every activity. It’s been a season of many changes for us. There’s more than we could cover here, but we know confidently that God has led us thus far, and trust that He will continue – and that the prayers of many have made a difference. Thank you so much! Please continue to pray especially for Olajuwon’s good adjustment here where we have more options for the cognitively disabled.

We would love to hear from you – please send us a note sometime. Meanwhile, taking from Ecclesiastes again, there is a time for everything…and a time to soon reset those clocks.

Much love in Christ,
Murray, Kathy and Olajuwon Sitte

Thanksgiving, 2012

Dear friends and family,

Greetings from hot and sunny Senegal! School closed early yesterday for an afternoon of Turkey Bowl, our annual flag football tournament. It’s the traditional kick-off for our Thanksgiving weekend.

This year we’ve been blessed with several American turkeys, brought by a mission team from the US. They also brought along many of the extras – pie filling, stuffing mix and cranberry sauce. We’re looking forward to sharing a Thanksgiving feast with them this afternoon. There will be around 70 of us gathering together.

This is our seventh year in Senegal, and our first year without Mikki here. She has graduated from high school and is settled now in Wausau, Wisconsin, close to our oldest son Justin and his family. We’re thankful for God’s provision of a good place for her during this season of her life. We’re also thankful for Skype calls which help keep us connected!

We are again this year both working in the school Business Office. It is a busy place every day, facilitating bill paying, collecting tuition, doing payroll, and purchases of supplies. After 40 years of marriage, we still enjoy this opportunity to be serving side by side.

We just finished a special International Week at Dakar Academy. The parade of flags representing each of the 28 nations in our student body began the week. Taste of Nations, Olympic games, and a Talent show were some other events. A chapel service ended the week with scriptures being read in many different languages. Olajuwon, when not playing soccer, likes to hang out with a few of his friends from many lands – Ethiopia, Senegal, France, Pakistan. He’s on the left in a photo below.

We are thankful for a season of good electrical power here, and for the peaceful elections that seemed to precede it. A few weeks ago there were severe water shortages throughout the city, but that has also improved. We’ve been thankful for good health this year. Most of all we’re thankful for our God who through Jesus makes it possible for us to be his children, and to share that here, though to do so will invite opposition.

A Brazilian missionary here has been imprisoned for several weeks awaiting trial. His children have been students at our school. It is because some youths became Jesus followers through his ministry that he has been charged. Please pray for him and his family, and the young people who have decided to follow Jesus.

We also would like your prayers for Olajuwon. He is 17 now, and needs more education or training than can be provided here. We’re not sure what that will look like yet, and it involves decisions beyond our human abilities. So we dearly need God’s wisdom!

Thank you for the many ways you continue to stand with us. You bless us and refresh us – whether through prayer, financial support, or even an occasional note – we so much appreciate you!

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope each of you will be able to enjoy some special time of feasting, rest and refreshment this weekend.

In Christ,
Murray, Kathy and Olajuwon Sitte

PS – The gecko was a recent uninvited visitor in our kitchen.

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