Jeremy and Ona

Now in United States–Hospital was nationalized.


Jeremy attended Rock Church while he was a medical student at Loyola. He served faithfully and energetically on the out-reach committee during his attendance. When he completed medical school, he and Ona got married and moved to Tulsa Oklahoma, where he completed his residency requirements with In His Image, a Christian residency program.

Now Jeremy and Ona have 3 young boys and serve in South Asia. They work with CHE to develop outreaches in the communities as well as working at the local hospital in a rural mountain area. They are part of SIM.


December of 2012

Note from Jeremy:
Thank you for your prs. I (Jeremy) made it back safely from South Asia. It is good to be back with my family. At first Josiah gave me a funny look like he didn’t recognize me. But after a few minutes he kept coming to me to play with him and all was well. As we enter this Christmas season may we wish you all a Merry Christmas. May the gift of J. C. fill your lives with hope and joy.

Christmas Gift List Needs:
We normally don’t like sending out these kind of emails. The need (not only here) but in many third world countries is great. We realize that money (while helpful) is not the answer to meeting all need. Please continue to pray for our country in South Asia. We really do see your prayers answered out daily here in rural Asia. As we enter the Christmas season we’ve compiled a list of Christmas gifts that would benefit the local community we serve in. If you would like to provide a Christmas gift in rural Asia please check out these options below.

Traveling Pastor
We’ve reached an exciting time in our ministry. The local church, which was first established by cross-cultural workers, now has the desire to start reaching out to others in west Asia. This is one of the most unreached areas in our country. There are few believers in the outlying villages. Most pastors don’t have much training or support. These believers face much persecution from their fellow countrymen. Many times these pastors and few believers are discouraged. The local church is asking for people to come alongside them to help fund a traveling pastor. The primary responsibility of a traveling pastor will be traveling to rural villages to encourage and train local believers. Evangelism and Discipleship are his main job descriptions.
(approximately $100 per trip)

TEAM Hospital
Our city is called the gateway to the far west. This is one of the poorest, most unreached places in the country. TEAM Hospital provides life saving care and spiritual counsel for patients who otherwise have no hope. A rural hospital is often understaffed and lacking in resources. If you would like to send a gift your donation will go towards needed medical equipment and spiritual care.
(No suggested amount for gift)

Hospital Playground
We would like to build a playground in front of the hospital for the kids at the hospital to play. Many malnourished kids end up staying at the hospital for a week or two to be stabilized. Once they start to turn the corner one of the changes that takes place is that they start to be interested in playing again.
(approximately $5,000 total).

Tin Trunk Library
Many schools in rural this country lack basic resources. Provide a school with a collection of 100 or more colored and illustrated fiction, non-fiction and reference books for school children, contained in a locally made tin trunk.
($200 USD per tin trunk)

Roofs for schools
Most schools are basic cement buildings with a tin roof and bars on the windows. Can you imagine the sound of pouring rain on a tin roof during monsoon season? Can you feel the frigid cold sitting in a classroom during the cold season. Helping to insulate a school roof will help students and teachers focus on education, not the sounds and feelings of discomfort.
($500 per roof)

You can give via the SIM website ( by designating funds to our ministry account and stating what it is for (e.g., playground). Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Jeremy and Ona

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Charlotte, NC 28241