New Rock Church Renovation

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New Rock Church is one of five buildings that make up the campus of Circle Urban Ministries.
Catalyst Circle Rock School is the area marked in Green. They also own the New Rock Church area.

The classrooms, library, and dining room have been renovated.  The main auditorium, offices, space beneath the auditorium, and study hall remain to be renovated.   It is anticipated that the auditorium will be utilized by Rock Church as its sanctuary and rented to Catalyst and CUM for special events.

A list of ways that the Auditorium will be used can be found at Projected Auditorium Uses.

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Stage Work Requirements

  • A stage extension of 5 feet is required to optimize preaching. 
  • Adequate storage of all items stage used on stage–risers, liturgical equipment, scenery, etc. 
  • The roll door to the back stage area should be repaired or replaced to allow for future scenery changes when used as a theater.
  • Fully automated curtains.

Main Floor Work Requirements

  • Seating capacity will be determined using a fixed seating approach including provision of code compliant handicapped seating.  Provide seating system with arms that can be raised.
  • Need to be some space in front of the stage for multiple uses including praying, dancing, etc.
  • Acoustical improvements as required.
  • Floor and wall finish should be determined by room acoustics.

Balcony Requirements

  • The balcony can be developed in a future phase.  However, consideration of sound and light control booth location may dictate partial development of the balcony as a part of this work.  Final location to be the most cost effective spot which does not obstruct sight lines and which maximizes seating.
  • Enclose or screen undeveloped balcony from finished space.

Foyer Requirements

  • The church will use this space during services for a welcome space.
  • Provide accessibility from main floor lobby.
  • Minimal level of aesthetic improvement required including:

    • Basic durable finishes
    • Recondition or replace existing wood doors into theater
    • Conceal existing sprinklers
    • Minimal utility – focused lighting upgrades which will accommodate future aesthetic possibly chandelier-style lighting improvements.
    • Code-required improvements to handrail/guardrail

System Requirements

Lighting and Sound Controls 

  • As a venue for the West Side as well as the ‘on property’ partners, sound and lighting should be of a professional quality that outside professional groups could use the space to perform.
  • Current needs for house lighting and stage lighting for worship services and Monday assemblies at the Catalyst School.
  • House light control can be wall mounted.  Final control location is to be determined.  However, house lighting controls should be located where the stage lighting is located.
  • House and stage lighting systems need to account for simple bulb replacement.  Cat walk, wall mounting, or pipe grid capable of being dropped to change the bulbs are options.

Audio visual, sound, and acoustics

  • All stage activities currently use amplification.
  • Video screen and projector (LCD/DLP).  Ceiling mounted location is to be determined.
  • Allow for future video broadcasting of the activities that take place on the stage, multiple cameras, video mixing, and lighting.
  • Sound board with 30 ports.  Provide for expansion capability.
  • Install acoustical treatments as required to achieve optimal performance for amplified sound.

Miscellaneous Requirements

  • Lower level 10 years old – modified bitumen type.  Fair condition.
  • Lower level toilet rooms need to be completely reconstructed to provide adequate accessible restroom facilities for the theater function.
  • Provide cost for renovation of balcony level toilet rooms.
  • Choir risers and band risers
  • Organ and piano

The 1,000 seat sanctuary remains to be completed.   A video rendition of the completed Sanctuary is available.