New Rock Church Facility

Rock Church has been waiting since Summer of 2000 to occupy New Rock Church.

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It wasn’t much to look at in 2006:
It looks much better now:
educational annex

Some of the building has been renovated: Catalyst Circle Rock School is using the classrooms, library, and dining room. However, the main auditorium, offices, space beneath the auditorium, and study hall remain to be renovated.

Auditorium crop

When the auditorium is finished (see above for current state), it will allow Rock Church to expand congregational seating capacity, allow Catalyst School to have a functioning school auditorium, and allow Circle Urban Ministries to conduct community based performing arts events within our combined facility. New Rock Church Renovation contains details on what needs to be done.

Catalyst Circle Rock now owns Phase 3! The Debt is Gone! The Austin Dream is coming!