International Day March 4

Let Your Ethnic Heritage Out! Rock church is a diverse church with many different nationalities that we are very proud of. International Day is our way of acknowledging and honoring each ethnicity. To join in, do some or all of the following: Wear an outfit of your culture/nationality! If you don’t, be creative–wear a sign that indicates your heritage! Participate … Read More

Austin Dream Groundbreaking April 19 at 11 AM

Dignitaries will assist Catalyst in the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Austin Dream on April 19, 2018 at 11 AM. Since no excavation is needed, details on the ceremony are scarce. It may look like this–> Mark you calendars! You won’t want to miss it! Bring your friends who might want to contribute to the Capital Campaign! Learn more about it … Read More

Compassion Ministry Training Jan 27th

We have a new evangelism tool that will be used by the Compassion Ministry! The group is headed by Sheila Anderson. They will be implementing a program from the group called the Children’s Hunger Fund called the Mercy Network. Since we have joined the Mercy Network, we will receive Food Paks and training to help us serve the needy in … Read More

Discipleship Sign-ups

What’s a disciple?        What did Paul say about discipling? Why are we hearing about it now? Clifton Kyle is spear-heading the development of a discipleship program at Rock because it’s part of Vision 2018. What do I need to do to participate in the program? Sign up on the PAUL (mature Christian) or the TIMOTHY (younger Christian) list at … Read More

Fruit of the Spirit

Book For 2018–Fruit Of The Spirit First Author: Phyllis J. LePeau If you don’t have your copy yet, you can order it from The Scripture Passages and Questions in this book will be the focus of our study in 2018. Each week beginning January 21, Pastor will preach from the lesson in the book for that week. Chapter Schedule … Read More

Auxiliary Sunday

An Auxiliary provides supplementary or additional help and support Where Do You Fit In These Auxiliary Groups?

Men’s Ministry Meetings for November

Men’s Ministry (Fresh Fruit From Sand or 3FS) is meeting this month on the second and third Sundays because of Thanksgiving. The topic will be: Men’s Ministry meets after church on selected Sundays in the Fellowship Hall (by kitchen in Circle Urban building).