Fudge Ripple Overview

The Scriptural foundation that must be kept in mind when participating are the following (click on the Scripture reference to see the passage from “The Message” then close the new tab to return to this page):   Ephesians 2:14-18 Christ broke down the walls of separation between human beings. 1 Corinthians 12:13-27 We are all […]

Fudge Ripple Photographs

(Click on pictures below to enlarge) The cakes below were commissioned by Jonathan Kelly and baked by his daughter Lynnette. They were to serve as examples about the futility of judging from the outside. The Chocolate Frosted Cake was a checkerboard cake with vanilla and chocolate sections. The Orange Cake (far left) had four layers […]

Andre Hinton Prays for Austin

Andre Hinton (Rock Church member and CUM Chaplain) represented the Austin neighborhood for Pray Chicago. ( or see Pray Chicago Facebook Page) Hear him pray and see a video on Austin which includes footage shot at CUM here. Pray Chicago is is organizing prayer events where each of 77 neighborhoods or communities is prayed for.

Austin Dream Event

On June 4th the Austin Dream Event was held in the unfinished New Rock Auditorium. The purpose of the event was to start building connections to raise the $3 million dollars needed to pay the bank and finish the New Rock Auditorium. Please get involved in our Capital Campaign!!

Kenya 2016 Team Photos

Photos from the Kenya Team! Pastor Ed Johnson, Doug Hansen, Sherby Miller, Trina McIlrath and Mikaela McIlrath are in Kenya Sandra Jackson was unable to make the trip. Just Arrived! Visiting Wachira and Glenda Ngamau at Pace in Kenya Lots of Babies! In Chapel on Sunday